by Hunter W. Frank

Content Management

You’re a business owner, we’re website writers.

What is Content Management?

Your content is everything that is uploaded to your website – every post, paragraph, notice, and announcement. Not everyone is great at managing websites, but don’t worry. We are!

Content > Ads

Why is content quality important?

Once upon a time, you could put an advertisement together, put it on a billboard, and start counting your profits. Nowadays, it’s very different. Content has taken over the marketing world, and people avoid ads like the plague. Content is your story, your product, and your ads. Don’t let your ad space go to waste with sub-par content.

Don’t get dead.

Not all websites go to heaven.

We’ve all seen it. Hot shot website – coolest stock photos ever – long winded descriptions – last updated: 2012… This is unfortunately the story for a lot of websites. They get built, crafted for the organization, then it’s left to rot with a 10 year domain lease. If your website is dead, your business might get there too.

Always On time.

Posts can be scheduled days, weeks, and even months ahead of time. There’s no need to be stuck to your keyboard, trying to keep up with your website. Let’s plan the content, create it, refine it, and schedule it. It’s so easy, you’ll forget how great your website is.


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