by Hunter W. Frank

My Personal Work Example – GFN


My name is Hunter.
I currently work for the Gitsegukla First Nation, as the Head of Technology Services. It is my job to handle IT Support in our community, as well as manage anything technology related.

After working as the Webmaster for Gitsegukla for a number of years, I was asked to start on a new project. Something a bit bigger.

We had decided that Gitsegukla needed a new website.

So in the beginning of 2019, I started designing the new website for the Gitsegukla First Nation. This website took months to complete, and after several rounds of revisions, we settled on something usable and fluid for the needs of Gitsegukla.

After almost a year in the making, with an entirely custom WordPress theme, custom forms, custom post types, and lots of optimization, finally it is here.

Though this was not an HF-IT project, I learned a lot on this project, and I am happy to have reached this personal milestone.

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